R Madhavan: We Are Far Behind Hollywood In Acting

(AP Photo) RELATED The story of how Pele conquered the footballing world aged just 17 is coming to Hollywood with filming under way in Rio de Janeiro, Seine Pictures said on Thursday. The film, entitled simply, “Pele”, “tells the wonderful story of the rise to glory of the legendary player,” said the US company, which is producing the work with Imagine Entertainment. Pele, 72, born Edson Arantes do Nascimento and nicknamed O Rei (the king), is widely considered the greatest player of all time having helped Brazil to their first World Cup title in 1958 and then having triumphed again with an all-star ensemble in 1970. Brazilian singer “Seu Jorge” (Jorge Mario da Silva), Mexican actor Diego Boneta and Irish screen idol Colm Meaney are in the cast for a film written and directed by brothers Michael and Jeff Zimbalist. Brazilians Kevin de Paula and Leonardo Lima Carvalho play the young Pele, respectively between the ages of 13 and 17 and aged 10. Meaney will play George Raynor, who coached Sweden in the 1958 final when Pele announced his arrival as a global star. Seine is negotiating rights with Sports Licensing International, which represents Pele. Filming began in Rio last Monday, the producers said. Born on October 23, 1940 to a poor provincial family, Pele was also on the squad which won the 1962 World Cup — though he missed much of that tournament through injury — and scored more than 1,000 goals in his career. He spent the twilight of his playing days helping to popularise soccer in the United States with New York Cosmos. FIFA proclaimed him player of the century in 2000 and a year beforehand the International Olympic Committee voted him athlete of the century. ALSO ON TOI

Its heart-breaking but all the action that we see in Batman and Superman are not done by these actors. Would you be satisfied in taking credit for something you havent done? In your case you didnt do the stunts. The same is done by every actor in Hollywood so I cant do much about it. As far as acting is concerned, I think we are far behind from Hollywood. There was a time when I thought we can display emotions and drama really well but if you see their television shows and programmes you would understand that their acting is of a very high level. There are very few people in our country today who give extraordinary performances. Even our audience has now started accepting that kind of performance like for example, in Tanu Weds Manu, I didnt do some exceptional acting it was very real. Image: R Madhavan Prev Next Indian actors have been criticised for doing just cameo roles in Western films. Did you think about this before taking up the film? Yes.

Promising change in Hollywood’s police force

She’s making change without breaking the bank, offering competitive salaries that fall in “the solid middle.” The city has hired 48 officers this year, replacing the 30 who left for the Broward Sheriff’s Office to nab more-expensive pensions and perks. In a visit with the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board this week, Fernandez addressed his department’s “interesting history” and the city’s desire to clean up its reputation. The department’s storied past could fill this page. Six years ago, the FBI arrested four Hollywood officers for running drugs and protecting bad guys, an investigation that would likely have nabbed more officers had there not been an internal snitch. Three years ago, five department employees were fired for doctoring a police report to protect a patrol officer after he struck another driver. And two weeks ago, two commanders were placed on administrative leave after Internal Affairs files involving them and friends on staff were found to have gone missing. Such headlines undermine community support for local police, to whom citizens relinquish enormous power. Swanson-Rivenbark, on the job just over a year, knew she had to move quickly to address the problems with those who oversee public safety. Enter Fernandez, who comes with a mission to clean things up and a promise to be accountable. Shortly after taking over, he requested an audit of each division, something he now promises to do every year. That step uncovered $150,000 missing from the property room and problems in Internal Affairs. And it led to the recent suspension of Assistant Police Chief Ken Haberland and Major Norris Redding amid questions of official misconduct.

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