Roma Immigrants Have Set France On Edge


Vallss declarations offer one reason why. Some of Vallss fellow cabinet members were so deeply offended by his remarks that they spoke out publicly. When Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault defended Valls in parliament, he faced jeers and whistles. President Hollande basically tried to remain above the fray and reinforced his already doleful image as an ineffectual executive. His government looks out of control. The real problem, however, is on the street. A poll taken in the wake of Vallss remarks shows that 93 percent of the respondents agreed they Roma did not integrate well in France, and 77 percent agreed that Valls was right to say so. French literature, films and music once romanticized the gypsies, from Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame to the Cannes Film Festivals Palme dOr for Emir Kusturicas Time of the Gypsies, and of course, the songs of the Gipsy Kings. But anyone whos spent time in Paris these last few months is likely to have come across petty criminals, mostly underage and therefore virtually unprosecutable, making life miserable for those whom they catch unawares. The common assumption among Parisians is that most are Roma, but whether this is a reflection of prejudice or reality is hard to say. French law forbids record keeping that reflects racial, ethnic or religious identity, and because many of these latter-day Artful Dodgers are kids, and are let go even if they are caught, there are no accurate statistics to support the conventional wisdom. There is only pervasive resentment. The most common sightings are of groups of young teenage girls, particularly on the metro. Some of them dress in traditional long skirts, others are outfitted in jeans or leggings — clothes that allow them to blend in more easily.

France selling ships _ and maybe arms _ to Mozambique in unusual deal

Shaking hands and smiling, French President Francois Hollande and Mozambique President Armando Guebuza formally launched the ship-building project Monday at a struggling shipyard in Cherbourg, on Frances Atlantic coast. Shipbuilder Constructions mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) says the contract will provide two years of work for around 400 French employees. Mozambique officials say the ships will help fight illegal trafficking and piracy, and protect offshore oil and gas drilling platforms. The patrol ships will need naval guns and other military equipment, and so there are also negotiations under way about buying the needed weaponry from France, Mozambique Deputy Foreign Minister Henrique Banze said. Yes there will be weapons purchases, he told The Associated Press by telephone. Its important not only to have ships. There will also be a need to make sure that they are protected. He would not give details, but said the money for the ship deal came from a loan from another country, but I cant say which one. Hollandes office said the contract with CMN is just part of a larger global deal with the holding company Privinvest, owned by Lebanese magnate Iskandar Safa. Hollandes office wouldnt comment on the possible weapons negotiations because the deal is not public. Safa, who played a prominent role in Mondays events Levitra Online in Cherbourg, declined to give details on the agreements involved. Safa, who helped negotiate the release of French hostages in Lebanon in 1988, faced a French arrest warrant for several years in the 2000s because of suspicions around his financial transactions with senior French officials. The case against him was dropped in 2009 by the French prosecutors for lack of evidence.

Projecting the Impact of a Monaco Title Win in France

For now, without European competition, they are exempt from most of the furore that surrounds the debate targeting a number of European clubs under foreign ownership. That would no longer be the case should they win the league, and they would be under more pressure than they already find themselves under with the club trying to market themselves as a luxury football club brand, according to the clubs chief marketing and sales director Bruce Bundrant ( h/t ESPN FC ). PSG are under enough scrutiny thanks to their mega sponsorship deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority from last year ( h/t ESPN FC ). But at least the side from the capitol have the fans to back up their project and can rely on regular capacity crowds. Monaco are not so lucky with a minuscule hard-core fan base, impairing the methods by which they can bring capital into the club. Increase in pressure A Ligue 1-title win at this early stage sets the bar incredibly high for a side that could still get picked apart after one successful season together. Given their lack of widespread support, playing for a truly big European side will still be attractive, despite the financial benefits of playing in Monaco ( h/t ESPN FC ) and being a part of the clubs ambitious project. The expectations would be massive, though, and without a steady fan base and the ability to sell out their own stadium on a regular basis, Monaco would struggle to develop into a truly big club. Instead, the approach will need time and patience in order for the number of supporters to grow and for Monacos status and reputation to develop with it. Michael Regan/Getty Images Winning Ligue 1 straight off the bat would also put a number of very young players potential progress in jeopardy. The temptation for Monaco to bring in ready-made talent instead of continuing to nurture their own would be great, particularly in the Champions League. Potential further investment One of the most intriguing outcomes of a potential Monaco title win would be the effects that the victory has on outside interest in the league. Ranieris side triumphing in Le Championnat at the first time of asking could appeal to new wealthy businessmen intent on investing in a European football club in a thriving league. Marseille, as Frances most successful and arguably best-supported team, could perhaps be the next Ligue 1 side that will become attractive to investors. Their history, stadium and fans make them an attractive proposition for any wealthy businessman looking to take on a club. Plus, they may well already be in Europe again should somebody decide to invest in them next summer.

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