Top 20 Concert Tours From Pollstar

The Arlo Guthrie Concert Massacre (with apologies to ‘Alice’s Restaurant’)

1. (1) Taylor Swift; $2,789,937; $84.88. 2. (2) Kenny Chesney; $2,564,447; $76.71. 3. (3) Beyonce; $1,680,005; $113.64. 4. (4) Phish; $1,590,139; $50.54. 5. (5) Justin Bieber; $1,237,129; $80.67. 6. (6) Dave Matthews Band; $1,138,232; $57.56.

This time, planning to meet another young lady who I had met at the shore who I was less interested in pursuing a relationship with (but who was more interested in pursuing a relationship with me). We had a terrific time at the Arlo concert followed by mixed messages and awkwardness that lasted months. The next year, I got up the nerve to ask yet another young lady who I had fumbled a date with years earlier. It was another great Arlo show but, intimidated by the massive one-year age difference between me and the older woman, I failed to ask her out again. Four, maybe five, other times Ive seen Arlo Guthrie in concertincluding a lovely concert with my lovely wife (who, for the record, isnt one of those three young ladies). But seeing seven or eight Arlo Guthrie concerts doesn’t mean I’m one of those fans with 27 different 8-by-10 color glossy pictures with a paragraph on the back explaining what each one was. Im just a guy who has happily punctuated his life with Arlo Guthrie concerts. What I came to tell you about. They got a building up in Carmel. Its called the Palladium. I went up there to see Arlo in concert and I walked in, sat down, and said hello to a man and his wife who had moved their seats because a fellow next to them had been talking to himself too loudly. Arguing even. I thought it was a good idea that they did move their seats and promised Id keep my self-conversations to a minimum. And then he said Kid, have you ever seen an Arlo Guthrie concert? And I proceeded to tell him about the eight or nine other concerts but not about the young ladies and the Greek and the irate dad.

George Strait Concert Dates for Denver, Phoenix, Columbus, Atlanta, San Diego, Detroit, Omaha and Des Moines Go on Sale for the Public to Buy Today

Luckily, at a large inventory of concert tickets remain available including premium seats and floor tickets. George Strait announced in 2012 that this “Cowboy Rides Away Tour” would stand as his last concert tour. Even when the concert dates get close, the ETicket option allows you to buy last minute George Strait tickets and print them right from a computer. Along with his original band, Ace In The Hole, who have played with George since 1975, some George Strait concert dates will feature special guest performers. For the tour dates going on sale today special attention goes to the Omaha concert where Eric Church joins George, Auburn Hills MI near Detroit when Little Big Town takes part, Miranda Lambert joins the George Strait San Diego concert and Sheryl Crow takes the stage at the George Strait Atlanta show. Over his storied career George Strait brought 57 records to number one on the charts, more than any other performer including Elvis Presley. In total 69 million George Strait records have sold with 33 different albums going platinum or multi-platinum. Even as a current artist, George Strait already entered the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2006. Songs by George Strait people may be most familiar with include I Cross My Heart, Check Yes Or No, All My Exs Live In Texas, I Saw God Today, You Look So Good In Love and Give It Away. While the songs one may hear at a George Strait concert may vary based on the night and his guest star, we assembled a projected Cowboy Rides Away Tour Set List based on songs played during the first stage of the tour. Below find all of the concerts dates going on sale today: Omaha – January 17, 2014 With Eric Church San Diego – January 31, 2014 With Miranda Lambert Phoenix – February 7, 2014 Auburn Hills – February 14, 2014 With Little Big Town Columbus – February 15, 2014 Atlanta – March 22, 2014 With Sheryl Crow Denver – April 5, 2014 Des Moines – April 18, 2014 Visit for the complete George Stait tour schedule. In addition to the George Strait Pepsi Center concert in Denver look for shows including the Michael Buble Denver performance and Eagles Pepsi Center tour date. When not in a concert mode, the Denver Pepsi center plays host for the home games of both the Colorado Avalanche NHL squad and the Denver Nuggets NBA team. The site, in conjunction with, operates in the ticket resale market, similar to sites like Stubhub, which concert fans may be familiar with. Only these sites offer ticket prices cheaper than Stubhub and other such pages.

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