Types of London escorts girls and the kind of services they offer

They are different types of London escorts, the independent type and those working under agencies. Some men would ask, which of these is more likely to give them a kiss. Well, the independent type would kiss willingly but for the agency type it depends on the agreement. Even knowing this, men will still go for the girls from the agencies. There are many reasons why this is so, read on to find out more about escort girl London and what kind of services they offer.

London escorts from the agencies train on how to a handle a client. This guarantees satisfaction as well as customer security as all London escort agencies undergo routine health checks every week. This is for their own good as well as the well-being of the client. It’s not just that, they are given health certificates which you might want to see as a proof of clean bill of health. This gives assurance to the clients that they are dealing with healthy escort girl London.


With the many escort agencies in London, services vary depending on the escorts as well as the agencies. The prices are affordable and for those who want a VIP service they can chip in more money and they will have it their way. In view of this, there are different types of London escorts. There are those on the high-end that deal with high-ranking members of the society. These kind of girls kiss their clients while those offering cheaper services do not. However both services are either in call or out call. For in call, you can either go to the escorts place or where applicable visit the private rooms offered by some agencies. As for the out call, you choose your own private place and wait for the elite escorts London to come there.

Once you meet the escorts in London, a simple conversation is good to break the awkwardness. Thereafter, romance starts and this can start with simple kisses that lead to other rigorous matters. Remember, if you wish to enjoy kissing services always ask before hiring. Make sure that the escort you pay for gives this kind of service. This is so to avoid embarrassment for not all High class London escort girl London offer this service.

Some other services offered apart from kisses are as follows:

Massage: clients can choose this noble service to help them relax and put their worries aside. Well-trained escorts London masseur are available. You get served either at the London escort agency, in a hotel or any other place you feel comfortable with. Erotic and strip-tease dancing: for those men interested in watching erotic dance and nudity shows, they can have it at a fee. It is good for it only helps the client get more aroused and brings about the necessary suspense before intercourse. Once again, make sure the London escort hired offers this kind of service before you hire her.

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Sex services: this is one of the main reasons men hire London escort services via website and the escorts know this too well and they have many ways of satisfying the sexual needs of their clients. They seduce their clients and take for a ride that they will never forget. Their main aim is to make the client feel like the best in the world. As a result they will do anything you suggest as far as it’s within their ability. Go ahead pour out all you sexual fantasies for they will get fulfilled by the eager escort girl London.


All of the above is obtainable from a variety of girls. They are of different ages, skin colour and body-size. This gives the client a wide range to choose from and meets that varying needs of many clients. The London escorts are better than any girls you try to entice at the bar or in the streets. They will never respond abusively and they need no coercion to do sexual favours.

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