Uk Government Announces Winners Of The Great Tech Awards

UK: 28% uplift in car hire search volumes, short-haul destinations see biggest rise

Any major deviation above or below this level hits the quality of electric supplies, causing flickering of light bulbs in households and, in the worst case, blackouts. Maintaining a frequency of 50 Hz has not been a big challenge in the past as Britain’s electricity was produced by a generation of gas, nuclear and coal-fired power stations, controlled by a handful of utilities. But industry experts warn that the rise of decentralized and unreliable renewable capacity, such as wind, makes it more difficult to maintain a stable frequency, reducing the quality of supplies and potentially collapsing the grid. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (Entsoe) said that a subsidy-fuelled boom in renewable capacity across Europe had coincided in a quality drop of the power frequency. Entsoe also said that a clash of low renewables with a major capacity outage such as the power link between France and Britain would pose “a severe risk for the system to collapse.” “As you put more renewables into the system you will lose flexibility and have more flickering and also increase the threat of frequency outages,” said Andrew Jones, Europe’s Managing Director for U.S. based S&C Electric, a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. “All you need is an interconnector or a big station to go out at the same time as winds drop off and you will have a frequency-based outage,” Jones said. National Grid, which operates Britain’s power transmission system, has also warned of a drop in electricity quality. “The reduction in fault levels weakens the overall strength of the network which in turn can give rise to quality of supply issues such as large voltage steps, harmonics and flicker,” National Grid said in its latest Electricity Ten Year Statement. A decade ago, Britain had almost no renewable power capacity installed and instead relied on a mix of gas, coal and nuclear generation. Today it receives around 10 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, although this figure varies according to changing weather, and by 2020 Britain’s share of installed renewable capacity is expected to reach 20 percent. STORAGE WOULD HELP Falling frequency is caused by a lack in power production, while rising frequency is triggered by a surplus of power. Dynamic Demand, a renewable energy consultancy, says that a frequency around 48.5 Hz would result in local blackouts and a frequency of 52 Hz or more would cause power stations to trip and forcefully shut down. National Grid said it did not have historic data showing the number of serious frequency events, but data from Entsoe shows that continental European countries which have seen a strong rise in renewable capacity in the last 10 years have also seen a sharp rise in the duration and number of frequency events. To address the problem, most utilities are developing plans to deal with sudden swings in frequency, introducing so-called primary, secondary and tertiary control measures to balance the grid.

Queried 27,100 times, it accounted for 6% of searches. Others included ‘car hire italy’, ‘car hire portugal’ and ‘car hire france’. League tables in the report by Greenlight charted the most visible sites for car rentals overall and by sector, in both the organic* and Paid Media listings**. The most prominent site for short-haul car hire-related searches in natural search was Being visible to a volume of 65,266 searches saw it garner a 14% share of visibility. was the most visible advertiser in the paid listings, achieving a 50% share of voice. However, across all sectors, was the most prominent site to car hire queries in the organic listings. Being visible to 191,957 queries, it just pipped to the post, in attaining a 16% share of visibility overall. was the most visible in the paid listings, achieving a 66% share of voice. ENDS Notes to Editors: *Natural Search – Listings in search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms **Paid Media — an Internet advertising model used on websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Greenlight’s ‘Car Hire Sector Report — Issue 10’, profiles search behaviour in this sector. It assesses which brands, websites and review sites are the most visible in Natural Search, Paid Media, and Social Media and hence have the greatest share of consideration when searchers go to Google UK to find and book car hire in domestic, short-haul and long-haul destinations. Greenlight’s research covers the following industries and sectors: CONSUMER ELECTRONICS CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES – Fashion Retail / Sports Retail CONSUMER SERVICES – Online Dating / Entertainment GAMING & GAMBLING – Online Gambling FINANCE – Personal General Insurance / Life Insurance / Retail Banking TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY — Holidays / Hotels / Flights / Car Hire / Cruises UTILITIES – Energy RECRUITMENT TELECOMS — Telecoms To arrange an interview or for further information about this report, Greenlight’s research portfolio and bespoke reports, please contact: Krishna Rao T: +44 (20) 3326 6232 E: krishna.rao(at) About Greenlight: Greenlight is a leading independent digital marketing agency. With over 100 blue-chip clients including Santander, Sky and ghd, Greenlight is a leader in the digital marketing space, and is recognized worldwide for its commitment to delivering record ROI for its clients and investing in the future.

New York-based tech start-ups applied over the summer to win one of five custom UK expansion packages in the education, finance, hardware, lifestyle, and media sectors. “The technology sector is of utmost importance to the UK, and is bolstered by our commitment to innovation, entrepreneurialism, and a dynamic business climate,” said HRH The Duke of York, whose official work includes supporting the economic success of the UK. “The GREAT Tech Awards offer an unparalleled opportunity for the winners to use the UK as their next step towards international expansion and success. I wish the winners the best of luck on their exciting new journey across the Atlantic.” The US award winners were handpicked by a panel of judges representing the finest industry leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. The winners are: Media: ADstruc The Advisors’ Choice Award, awarded to Blippar , recognizes a British technology company that has successfully established a New York office. Sponsors of the competition include Virgin Atlantic Airways, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), TaylorWessing, BritishAmerican Business (BAB), and Blick Rothenberg. “We are thrilled to announce the winners of The GREAT Tech Awards tonight, which represent the best of the UK-US tech industry,” said Danny Lopez, British Consul-General to New York. “We have seen exponential growth in tech clusters in both UK and US cities in recent years, and it’s no coincidence. Winners will embark on a journey of international expansion in the best country in Europe to grow a business, and these bespoke development packages will provide a helpful boost for these companies to succeed.” The five category winners receive a customized package that includes: a premium economy round-trip airplane ticket provided by Virgin Atlantic Airlines departing from JFK on October 14, and returning from LHR on October 19, 2013; a meeting with a senior representative at the UK Prime Minister’s Office, No. 10 Downing Street; over $4,000 worth of legal services courtesy of TaylorWessing; $3,000 worth of accountancy/business advisory services provided by Blick Rothenberg LLP; a two-day customized business development program in London (15-16 October); three classes at General Assembly in London; one entry pass to London’s Wired 2013 Conference (17-18 October 2013); an introductory meeting with a major British brand to be selected by a sponsor; a tour of co-working and shared office spaces in London; a free annual corporate membership with BAB in either London or New York’s chapters; a complimentary Gold Ticket Registration to the BAB Christmas Luncheon (in either London or New York); inclusion in a feature on the winners in BAB New York’s Network magazine. The Advisors’ Choice winner’s prize package includes: a business reception hosted by the British Consul-General New York at the British Residence; a free annual corporate membership with BAB in either London or New York’s chapters; three classes at General Assembly in London; a complimentary Gold Ticket Registration to the BAB Christmas Luncheon (in either London or New York); inclusion in a feature on the winners in BAB New York’s Network magazine. Judges include: Ben Lerer, CEO/Co-founder of Thrillist Media Group and partner at Lerer Ventures; David Karp, CEO/Founder of Tumblr; John Borthwick, CEO/Co-founder of Betaworks; Margaret Dohnalek, Global Head of Technology Scouting, PepsiCo; Simon Bradley, Vice President Marketing, North America, Virgin Atlantic Airlines. The Advisory Board consists of: Elizabeth Gould, Senior Producer at Bloomberg Media; Paul Murphy, Senior Vice President at Betaworks; Shivon Zilis, VC at Bloomberg Beta; Tarek Pertew, CEO/Founder of Wakefield Media and Uncubed; Ziv Navoth, CEO/Co-founder of Paragraph and Tech City Investment Organisation Advisor. Editor’s Note: “Technology is GREAT” is part of the wider GREAT Campaign , which promotes the UK around the world as a great place in which to visit, invest and study. For more updates on The GREAT Tech Awards, follow @UKTItechNY and @UKinNewYork #GREATtech SOURCE British Consulate-General, New York New York Dusty Baker is out as manager of the Cincinnati Reds, three days after his team lost the National League wild-card game to Pittsburgh.

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