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MOVIES: ‘Runner Runner’ a gambling thriller on the road to nowhere

Academic papers galore could be written about the Travis Bickle-Walt White dichotomy. Or just watch a few episodes and the Scorsese movie back to back. You may not sleep for weeks. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Gilligan has said he sees his show as a Western, above all else, which only makes this comparison more resonant. The fact that both Breaking Bad” and “Butch Cassidy” are about two men on the run whose fate we somehow know wont turn out well cements the comparison. Fargo, or most things Coen-ish. A bleak Middle America populated by emasculated male characters who try to overcome their destiny with the help of some stylized violence? Not to mention tense moments interrupted by oddball humor? (Tableside guacamole. anyone?) The first episode of this season was titled Blood Money. It could have been called Blood Simple” and we’d barely have batted an eye. VIDEO: ‘Breaking Bad’ parodies The French Connection. Gilligan has cited this movie before, saying he was thinking about it as he made the pilot. The Gene Hackman film about a pair of cops caught up in an intricate plot makes the comparison meaningful; the fact that it all happens in the world of drug-trafficking only heightens the similarities. Then theres the look of the ’70s classic, which Gilligan has said he was consciously trying to emulate. Falling Down. Middle-aged suburban ennui turns to something violent but oddly liberating. American Beauty isnt far behind either, if youre going down this road.

Tom Hanks Doesn’t Watch His Old Movies: ‘Who Does That?’

EDT October 2, 2013 A new contest will let a Turner Classic Movies fan co-host a film with Robert Osborne. (Photo: TCM) SHARE 20 CONNECT 12 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE If I watch a classic film on Turner Classic Movies, I make sure to catch Robert Osborne’s insightful introductions and postscripts. More often than not, he tells me something I didn’t know, and that even goes for movies I’ve seen dozens of times (like, say, The Graduate). This month, TCM is holding a contest that will let one lucky fan co-host a movie with Osborne. Over at the site for its ” Ultimate Fan Contest ,” you can submit a 90-second video of yourself introducing a classic film. Along with being featured on the air, the grand-prize winner will win a trip to the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, where he/she also will introduce a film. The contest just kicked off, so few submissions have been posted on the site. However, this clever sample sets the standard for what they’re looking for. TCM is accepting entries through Oct. 31. For complete rules, head to fancontest.tcm.com .

The Man Who Brought Beatles, Bond & More to Movies

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As for capturing the Beatles before they broke out, Picker explains, “Through sheer good luck, we wound up having a three-picture deal with this group. We made a low-budget movie deal with a rock group because we thought they were kind of good but they hadn’t broken beyond their local market [in Liverpool]. [After they became a sensation in London], I walked into my boss’s office and said, ‘Guess what? We’ve got the Beatles.’ Now the question is, what do you do with them?” Picker takes credit for having the idea of matching up the band with filmmaker Richard Lester to create their first legendary film in 1964: “I honestly believe A Hard Day’s Night would not have been made had I not seen this short [by Richard Lester] called The Running Jumping Standing Still. It was a marriage of two talents, Dick Lester and the Beatles, who had a vision and made it work.” Related: McCartney: Yoko Didn’t Break Up Beatles As for Bond, Picker was an avid fan of Ian Fleming’s work and tried to get the ball rolling with Alfred Hitchcock directing a 007 adaptation, but Fleming didn’t like movies and didn’t want his creation ruined onscreen. Later, the author changed his tune and gave Cubby Broccolli and Harry Saltzman the option to produce his novels. Their $1.1 million budget request was turned down by their regular studio, Columbia, as being too high, so they went to United Artists and Picker, who gave them the green light for 1962’s Dr. No. “My vision of it and their vision of it was exactly the same,” says Picker of the 007 films, adding with another laugh, “Everybody got rich off it but me.” Sean Connery was cast as James Bond, and the rest is history. But after five Bond outings, each one doing bigger and bigger box office, Connery was feeling unappreciated by Broccolli and Saltzman, who would renegotiate their deals for more money — but never gave the actor his just rewards for becoming the face of the franchise. Connery left the series after 1967’s You Only Live Twice, and was replaced by George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, “Which lays an egg,” says Picker matter-of-factly.

M-Net Movies unleashes Superpowers in October

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The Superheroes are rocking up on a television channel near you this superb summer season and the best one would do is to stay glued to M-Net Movies and especially M-Net Movies Showcase on Dstv! This October, M-Net Movies has announced its hosting of a Superheroes Film Festival on M-Net Movies Showcase featuring the likes of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, The X Men, Captain American, the Ghostbusters, Thor, The Avengers and all their slick, yet tough-as-nails, nemeses, of course. M-Nets Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard puts his word of promise to the viewers straight as he says: This is the biggest Superheroes Movie Festival ever. He goes on to say: M-Net Movies has not only lined up hours of exhilarating entertainment created by these comic book legends; the heroes will also rock up every day of the week for an entire month. Its a non-stop display of extraordinary powers, knocking down diabolic villains and saving mankind all culminating into an epic television moment: the premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is M-Nets must-see Sunday night blockbuster movie on 27 October at 20:00 and at 20:30 on M-Net Movies Premiere (Channel 103 on DStv). The movie generated $448 million at the box office and raises tough existential questions about the nature of vigilantes, while keeping viewers glued with plenty of action-packed scenes. The Superheroes Festival will feature a superhero movie at 19:00 CAT until the end of October on the 31st. On Thursday, George Clooney swirls the cape around his broad shoulders and thereafter hands over one of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood to Christian Bale for Saturdays Batman Begins and Sundays Batman: The Dark Knight. In the second week of October the spotlight falls on Superman with five Superman movies! The following week, all the Marvel comic figures move in in the guise of Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and many more. But M-Net Showcase didnt forget the unsung heroes. They will get the M-Net Showcase salute with movies such as The Amazing Spiderman, Paperman, Blankman, Death of a Superhero, Unbreakable and Sky High.

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